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8 Tips to Care for Your Lawn All Summer

8 Tips to Care for Your Lawn All Summer

It takes an unprecedented effort to maintain your lawn and prepare it for the summer. 

Summers are the time when your lawn suffers most damage due to scorching heat. This results in unhealthy grass. It is neither fresh nor green. To keep your grass from turning dull and brown, it is necessary to take extra care of your lawn all summer. 

Following are some helpful tips to ensure good care and proper maintenance of your lawn during summers:

1: Water Regularly and Consistently

Lack of water and nutrient intake is the biggest reason for the poor growth of grass in summer. With regular and consistent watering, you can keep your lawn in great condition. 

An important thing to note here is that regular watering does not mean watering your lawn every day for 10 to 15 minutes. Instead, it means that you should water your lawn 2 to 3 times a week for 25 to 30 minutes. 

This allows roots to absorb water properly. And so, it helps with proper maintenance and healthy growth. 

2: Water When the Sun is Not up High 

Another crucial point is that you should water when the sun is not up high. This way, all the water gets evaporated. When you water, you should make sure that roots absorb all the water and respective nutrients. 

The best time to water your lawn in summers is right after dawn. As the sun is neither too high nor giving off scorching heat in the early morning, water absorbs instead of evaporating. When water dries out completely, it prevents the risk of catching any fungal disease. This way, watering serves the purpose in the best manner.

3: Mow Higher

While it is suggested to mow low during spring, professionals advise mowing higher during summers. You should set your mower to high setting so that it cuts off grass blades only. The length of grass should be at least 3 inches all summer. This keeps the soil in the shade, and so, roots do not suffer any damage. Cooler the root system stays, better the growth of grass. 

Moreover, taller blades also strengthen the roots and make them grow deeper. 

4: Maintain Your Mower

To take care of your lawn, you need to take off your tools first. The mower is your most important investment for your lawn. It plays a great role in turning your lawn into a beautiful piece of art. So, you need to keep it well-maintained. Otherwise, it does not deliver the desired results. 

Mower maintenance includes changing its oil, filter and spark plugs when needed. Clean it out of all the grass blades. If you leave your mower unmaintained, it leaves brown tips on your grass blades. This makes your grass look dull and poor. 

5: Use Fertilizer 

Fertilizing your lawn is the first and foremost thing to do as a summers approach. You should set rounds of fertilizing your grass every 6 weeks. Apply fertilizer evenly and in proper quantity. Too much fertilizer can damage your grass. 

What you need to keep in mind is that use natural fertilizers as possible. Also, you must use your grass-specific fertilizers. As grass differs in kinds, you cannot pick any fertilizer from the store. Different fertilizers serve different purposes. Some offer fast growth, while others come with the necessary nutrients. 

Also, you can go for natural ways of fertilizing. The best one of them is to leave the grass clippings on your lawn after mowing. Mulching mower helps grass clippings mix up with the soil and allows the recycling of nutrients.  

6: Control Pests and Weeds

Controlling pests and weeds is crucial, but how to identify them? You can spot weeds on flowers by careful examination. Also, inconsistency in color and texture of your grass is a sign of weed presence. Always apply weed killer before you mow your lawn. 

After mowing, you will not be able to identify potential weed growth on trimmed grass. 

Also, you should wait a day or two after applying the weed killer. This allows the weed killer to distribute evenly and serve its purpose. The best time to spray the weed killer is early in the morning when the grass is dewy. Remember, you must not spray weed killer on wet grass. This means avoid using weed killer after watering of it has just rained. Water cancels the effect of weed-killing sprays. 

Moreover, it is important to pick the right weed and pest killer. You must get one that suits the type of your grass. As weed killers come in different kinds, know if spraying, gel-foam, or solid beads-like weed killer is easy and efficient for your weed and pests. 

7: Use Proper Tools

Tools are important when you need to take proper care of your lawn. Without the right tools, you cannot make any progress. Some important tools for effective maintenance include mower, scissors, pruners, spade, rake, and shovel, etc. 

Know when and how to use a particular tool. Otherwise, you might end up damaging your lawn rather than taking care of it. 

8: Aerate Your Lawn if You Didn’t Before Spring

Most of the professional landscapers and gardeners suggest aerating your lawn right after fall to experience lush green growth in spring. This keeps your lawn in perfect health all summer long. However, if you did not aerate your lawn before spring, doing it just at the start of summers greatly helps too. 

It lets soil take up enough nutrients and water, which in turn strengthens roots and improves growth. 

Final Thoughts

If you have been putting in a lot of effort for fresher and greener grass in spring, you should pursue your passion in summer as well. Following a few simple tips can help you take good care of your lawn. As mowing, fertilizing, and watering trends change according to the season, make sure you have adequate knowledge. This way, you can enjoy a greener and healthier lawn all summer long. 

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Why You Should Hire a Professional to Trim Your Trees and Shrubs?

Why You Should Hire a Professional to Trim Your Trees and Shrubs?

Trimming your trees and shrubs is largely tackled as a DIY job; however, it does not come with any less practicality than a mechanical task. Canadians are obsessed with topnotch landscaping as your lawn plays a great role in putting the first impression of your house. Maintaining your lawn is not an easy job, especially when you do not own relevant skills and tools. That makes hiring a professional landscaper as to the best approach. 

Following are some other significant reasons that render why you should hire a professional tree service to trim your trees and shrubs:

1: It Adds to the Visual Appeal 

The most important reason to go for an expert landscaping service is the visual appeal. Aesthetics matter a lot. A nicely trimmed lawn is a sight to behold. Nature makes perfect sense when it is left in professional hands. 

If you are an aesthetics person, taking care of your trees must matter a lot to you. Every day you step out for a morning walk, a well-maintained yard will already refresh your body by 80%. 

It also helps when putting your house on sale. As mentioned, lawn defines the overall impression of your house. A lawn wit perfectly trimmed trees and shrubs can add to the value of your house. So whatever you spend on going for a professional service is going to be worth it. 

2: It Ensures Proper Trimming 

Professionals know all the techniques and ways to ensure proper trimming. Trimming a tree is not just about cutting overgrown branches, there’s a lot else to that. Certified landscapers possess all the knowledge regarding cutting, pruning, and shaping your trees. As a layman, you might know how to operate a tool, but you must have inadequate skills about turning your trees into a piece of art. 

Proper trimming coming from a professional makes sure that your trees and shrubs enjoy exceptional pruning and unique shapes. 

3: It is Important for Healthy Growth 

The growth of trees and shrubs depends on their trimming, cutting, and maintenance. There’s a huge difference between normal trees and fruit-yielding trees. If you end up trimming them in a wrong way, it is largely going to damage your trees. Also, over-pruning badly affects growth. 

You might not be able to differentiate between healthy and unhealthy growth of your tree. A professional, on the other hand, has a great insight into the health and outlook of trees. To save your trees from deteriorating health due to improper trimming, going for a professional is the best idea. 

4: It Prevents Any Kind of Property Damage 

It can be very difficult for you to reach extended branches of your trees, especially if they have grown over your property. As you cut a branch, it might fall on your property, causing huge damage. Depending on the extent of damage, it can end up very costly. With no insurance, it’s even worse. 

In the case of professionals, they know how to cut so that the branch does not fall right away. To save your property from any risk or damage, choosing a professional trimmer is the most considerable option. 

5: It Keeps You Out of Danger 

In addition to the safety of your property, your safety is important too. Experimenting with pruning and trimming tools can result in physical injuries. Taking up the job on your own gives birth to a lot of risks. A falling branch can hurt you or anyone else nearby. In unfortunate cases, there are chances that you fall from a tree and lose your limbs. 

Hiring a professional can prevent such kinds of incidents. Money is not precious than one’s life and safety. 

6: It is Efficient 

If you decide to spend your weekend trimming your trees and shrubs, you will not be left with time for anything else. It takes a lot of effort to deal with landscaping tasks on your own. As you are not an expert, figuring out how to trim a tree or getting done with all the trees and shrubs in your lawn consumes a lot of time. 

On the other hand, a professional must know how to do his job in a matter of hours. If efficient enough, it only takes an hour to trim your lawn nicely. 

7: They Have Professional Equipment

Gear is the most important thing when starting out any job. You might have some scissors and blades, but having all the professional equipment is impossible. Trying to trim your trees and shrubs with wrong tools causes a lot of damage. You might end up injuring yourself as well. 

As professionals come with all the necessary tools and equipment, the task turns out to be easy and efficient. 

8: It Offers Peace of Mind 

Peace of mind is the most crucial factor. You might be able to trim your trees and shrubs, but it will lack personal satisfaction. If your lawn does not look the way you expected, all your effort goes in vain. 

To earn peace of mind, hiring affordable professional trimmers is the best thing to do.

9: It Might Provide Additional Services 

The good thing about professionals is that they offer additional services. The most significant one of them is clean up. You will not have to clean up fallen branches and other mess when professionals leave. They consider it a part of their job. 

Final Thoughts

Being a pro DIYer is a good thing. However, when it comes to trimming trees and shrubs, it is still best to leave the job to the professional. As a matter of fact, it is not going to cost you a lot. Also, you need not hire permanent landscaper. You can call only when you require their services. 

Working with certified professionals will turn your lawn into a paradise. From proper trimming to safety and efficiency, hiring a professional to trim your trees and shrubs has unmatched benefits. Make sure you do not deprive your lawn of that!

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Spring Lawn Care - A Beautiful Lawn All Year Round

Spring lawn care sometimes is underrated for people who are not aware that during these months the lawn needs to be cared for giving the best results all year round.

Keep Your Lawn Beautiful In Spring

Spring lawn care is basic to have your lawn in good condition during the warm days and resulting of this, your lawn will resist climates oddities with more strength.You want to keep your lawn looking healthy and,of course, beautiful,maybe you think that is too hard, expensive or it is only a work that professional gardeners can do efficiently. If you think, sorry to tell you are wrong and happy to announce to you that you can keep and care your lawn with minimal maintenance and basic tools,remember that performing your spring lawn care routine continually will bring you gorgeous results and less work during the rest of the year.

What to Do In Spring Lawn Care

Keep your lawn healthy and beautiful based on two points:

Water and fertilizer. Either of these items must be well handed, an excess can lead you to commit mistaken no desirables that can spoil your lawn.

Fertilizer must be applied after your lawn has been de-thatched or at least, aerated. Without these previous processes, fertilizer can not perform its goal, to enrich the soil for improving the nutrition of your grass. Aeration helps

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nutrients to penetrate the soil in a more efficient way. Dethatching is a great help too, it removes the thick leaf layer and dead roots that can deprive your grass of the necessary light and water.

When applying fertilizer, avoid chemical fertilizer on your lawn,the toxic remains are a time longer than desirable and can be adsorbed by skin, eyes and mouth, affecting your health and the environment.

Instead of using chemical products, switch to organic fertilizer,if you have doubts on what type of organic fertilizer is the most suitable for your lawn, you need to do a little research. Take some samples of the soil and submit these samples to analysis. You will learn what nutrients are needed for your type of soil and find the organic fertilizer suitable to supplement the deficiency of your lawn soil.Where to buy: shops for garden tools and supplies or if they do not have what you need, you can search on the net or consult some environmental friendly organization.

Other recommendations on fertilizing:

Don't fertilize if it is raining and when applying fertilizer grass should be dry and soil with a light moisture.

Proper watering of your grass is a basic ingredient of your lawn spring care,watering too frequently can make the grass decay and turn the soil aspect to dirt, a lack of water not only dries soil but makes the grass grow slower than normal and weak, eventually dying from lack of humidity.

If you are using sprinklers in your lawn to water , the most appreciated times between midnight and 8 in the morning, or even earlier, set convenient sprinklers at those hours.Do not water after rainfall. Control the appropriate drainage of your lawn soil.If you happen that just applied fertilizer on your lawn soil , water it very lightly.

Lawn Care and Landscaping Service Options

Lawn Care and Landscaping Service Options

Weekends are down time for many individuals and not everyone wants to spend their relaxation time taking care of their garden or lawn, this is where lawn car and landscaping services play an important role. It is enjoyable to have a lovely yard but many do not have the time or energy to maintain that area. Lawn care and landscaping services are a great option.

You do not only have to use large, expensive companies but can rely on a neighborhood kid to mow your lawn, or you can have the full shebang done with complete planning, consultation, planting and management of your lawns and gardens. You should make lists and determine which companies will give you exactly what you are looking for and at what price.

Types of Lawn Care Services

It can be difficult to understand how you can transform a messy or overgrown garden or lawn into a beautiful and pleasing space. This is the main advantage to using a landscaper as they will know exactly how to redesign your space into whatever design you desire.

Landscapers have a vast amount of knowledge on what plants grow best in which climates and soil conditions. They know which plants look well placed with other types of plants as well as plants that may need full sunlight or those that prefer shade. Having a well kept and presentable lawn can be a large asset if you are trying to sell your home and a landscaper can help if you are not a gardener. Additionally you can keep costs down by doing much of the labour yourself and simply using the landscaper to design your garden or lawn.

Benefits Of A Lovely Yard

Much of lawn care is very straightforward as for the most part you will have to mow your lawn, or have it mowed, at least once a week. If the weather is cool then you may need to mow your lawn less frequently. However, to achieve that fantastic, eye catching lawn with beautiful green grass that is the envy of the neighbourhood, you will need to do a bit more. Lawn care and

landscaping companies will know the proper times to apply fertilizer, kill weeds and aerate your lawn. They provide services to ensure that your lawn is looking its best.

You can compare prices from different companies about lawn care and landscaping services. These services may include, mowing, mulching, pruning and more.

Which Company To Use?

You should investigate a few different companies before you sign on the dotted line. You should check out lawns that you admire or ask your friends which companies they use. You will find lawn care and landscaping companies advertise at other areas than just the yellow pages. The best way is to find a lawn you like and then speak with the company that is maintaining it.

Before using a lawn care and landscaping service you should make sure that they are insured and licensed. You should also get references and testimonials if possible.

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Why Power Raking and Lawn Aeration Are Good for Your Lawn

Calgary Lawn Care Tips - Power Raking Calgary

A lush green lawn is a dream of every homeowner who seeks to make their home better and more attractive. But no matter how much effort you put in mowing, the grass and the plants won't grow well if the soil cannot breathe. Here power raking and lawn aeration can help restore the lost health of your lawn. If you are confused about these terms, then let us guide you on what these processes are, why you need them, and how to carry them out.

Power Raking

After a harsh winter, the lawn gets covered by the bulk of dead and living grass. It happens when the turf hosts the amassment of organic debris, which cannot be dealt with conventional lawn treatments. Most of the bulk consists of the parts of plants that are resistant to decomposing — roots, crowns, stems. It would continue to grow at a rapid rate and impede the growth of new and already existing grass and plants.

There's a common misconception among lawn enthusiasts that even the grass clipping contributes to thatch, which is not entirely true. Most of the time, the grass leftovers fell prey to soil microbes.

Here a few factors that responsible for its immense build-up:

Some species of grass are less immune to its production.

Excessive rhizome and root growth caused by certain fungicides.

The decrease of the earthworm population due to insecticides.

Overuse of fertilizers can cause thatch build-up.

Soil acidity also plays a vital role in its production.

Is Thatch Harmful Always?

A small amount of it is good for the lawn. It acts as a barricade against drastic moisture variation and an insulation shield against harsh temperature variations. But any thatch layer more than half-inch thickness is disastrous to your lawn.
Problems Caused by Thatch

You will be stunned to know that it can trigger the slow death of everything on your lawn. It heats up and dries rapidly, and that is how It causes long-lasting root damage. Without healthy roots, the grass would never thrive.

Furthermore, during rainy seasons, it stockpiles a good deal of moisture that causes the roots to rot. It becomes unfeasible to use lawnmower due to an uneven surface. Its wheels would sink in the moist thatch layers causing an irregular cutting of the grass.

Also, if these layers have been there in your lawn for a long time, then there is a risk of a drastic increase in disease-causing insects and other organisms.

Solution for Thatch — Power Raking

It is done by a machine which has slender knife blades attached beneath. These blades help remove the thatch which has been killing your lawn. The spinning blades make sure enough organic built-up debris is removed from the crust so that the soil can breathe again.

Here are a few benefits of power raking Calgary :

After the removal of the thatch layer, the roots can access the nutritious soil. It will cause the grass to grow faster.

You would be able to spot the areas of the lawn where replanting is required.

The roots will have access to plenty of water, which increases the survival rate of the plants.

Removing thatch also means that you are getting rid of the home of some disease-causing insects and organisms.

The risk of bacterial and fungal disease reduces dramatically.

The color of the plants would turn more radiant.

In the rainy season, the water will not amass; rather, it will soak easily into the soil.

It should be done in the early spring season just before the new growth emerges. This way, the raking will not cause any damage to the fresh and sensitive plants. During spring, which is the growing season, the plants can withstand severe injuries, and the recovery rate is relatively faster than in any season.

One more thing that you should keep in mind is that the process should be run when the soil is dry. Otherwise, the results will not be as expected, and the machine would rip out the plants as the grass doesn't hold well in wet conditions. Also, make sure it is not too dry, or the brittle grass will break.

You will notice that after power raking, the growth of the lawn has stimulated. But too much power raking can kill your plants by messing up the roots.
What Is Soil Compaction?

The soil particles have natural spaces that regulate the water and nutrients among plants. But over time, densification occurs, and the particles come close together, giving out a solid feel. This happens when the water and air are removed from those spaces. Due to this reduction in space, your lawn suffers from unhealthiness. As a result, the population of plants would considerably decrease.

Averagely, the compaction only exists a few millimeters beneath the surface of the turf. But due to unnatural causes (use of heavy machinery), the depth of compaction can reach up to 300 mm.
Identification of Soil Compaction

You don’t require any special equipment for its identification. By keeping an eye on these signs would be enough.

Loss of dense turf: Eventually, the grass will thin out, and the plants will lose their lush green appearance.

Water accumulation: If after rain, the water stays on the surface for a long time, then it is a clear indication of compaction.
Solution for Soil Compaction — Aeration

To get stronger and more vigorous lawn, aeration is essential — it is a process to dig holes into the soil to let air, water, and nutrients to reach the roots. As a result, the roots can grow deeper without any hindrance. It would alleviate the troublesome compaction by restoring the steady circulation of moisture and oxygen. It also helps to get rid of some of the thatch layers.

Just like power raking, the best time for aeration is the early spring. In this season, the sustained injuries would heal fast, and the plants would regrow easily. The most commonly used tools for aeration are spike aerator and a plug aerato

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Ways to Get Greener Grass This Spring

Ways to Get Greener Grass This Spring

Have you ever glanced over a beautiful lawn in the neighborhood and envied? If that's so, then why don't you invest something in your own lawn and change its dull appearance once and for all? One way to achieve that is by having lush green grass that resembles the perfection of artificial turfs. In this article, we have illustrated ways to get greener grass that will not only improve the looks of your lawn but will also increase the overall worth of your property. Let’s see how you can get that.

Ways to Get Greener Grass

1) Aerate Your Lawn

When you forget about your lawn and leave it on the mercy of nature, then the outcome is disastrous. The soil particles have air and water between them, which is why it feels soft and mushy. When the water and air are vacuumed out due to external factors, the result is compacted soil; it becomes denser and more impermeable. In other words, the soil stops breathing, and when that happens, the supply of nutrients, water, and the air is cut off for the grass, leaving it unhealthy and thinner.

You can reverse soil compaction by aerating your lawn. In this process, a machine digs deep holes in the soils, leaving room for air and water to reach the roots of the plants. The air exchange between the atmosphere and the soils becomes better.

Also, it improves fertilizer and moisture uptake for the plants. As a result, you would get denser turf with lush green grass.

Moreover, in the rainy season, the soil compaction can be pretty troublesome as the water won’t be able to get soaked in soil. The holes you dig using an aerator would prevent puddling.
2) Water Your Lawn Smartly

People are unmindful of the fact that watering your lawn more and more doesn’t help the grass grow after a certain degree. You must work smartly to witness considerable results.

Averagely, the grass needs 1 inch of water weekly to grow strong, but the figure depends upon local weather and atmospheric conditions. But how do you check whether you are watering 1 inch or not? The answer is simple, place small cups all around the lawn randomly and turn the sprinkler on and measure the containers later.

In most cases, the sprinkles are not able to reach all parts of the grass, which results in dry and thin patches of grass. You can deal with this inconsistency by readjusting the sprinkler head or by installing another system.

Nowadays, a lot of people use water crystals to increase the water-retaining capacity of their lawn. They reduce the overall water requirement and increases soil porosity and aeration.

One more thing, always water the lawn when there is no wind around; the evaporation rate increases drastically during windy situations.
3) Leaving Out Grass Clippings

After mowing the lawn, you instinctively try to clean the clippings, but we would suggest you leave them there unchecked. The grass remains will decompose eventually and become part of the soil providing a source of nutrients. It will also help the soil to retain moisture content.

Grass clippings will also reduce the need for fertilizers. What’s more, it also improves soil texture according to some researches. But one drawback of leaving the clippings unchecked is that sometimes they contribute to thatch and hinder the water movement.
4) Power Rake Your Lawn

Over time layers of bio-matter amasses beneath the turf impeding the proper function of the grass. These layers are usually composed of slowly decomposing bio debris such as roots, and branches. When the source of nutrients is cut off, the grass won’t be able to retain its health. That’s where power raking comes in to save the day.

Power rake machines are bulky devices having rotating knives beneath them. The purpose of these blades is to rip out the turf and let the soil breathe once again. The proper access to water and nutrients is revived, making the grass healthier than ever.

Moreover, the thatch layer is home to many disease-causing insects and bugs. With it gone, the risk of plant-ailments alleviates.
5) Use Natural Lawn Fertilizers

Synthetic fertilizers are known to disrupt soil structure and leave adverse effects on the lawn’s ecosystem. They are rich in nitrogen compounds that kill life. On the other hand, natural fertilizers enhance the soil’s ability to hold moisture and nutrients. As a result, there is more food available for your grass to grow stronger. They are a healthier alternative for your family and the environment.

However, over-fertilization of both natural and artificial fertilizers can hurt the soil — they affect the soil texture and kills the beneficial soil microorganisms. To avoid that, make sure you apply the right amount of fertilizers.
6) Cut the Grass Correctly

You might not know that, but every grass species has specific cutting height. Whether to select the maximum or minimum cutting height of the lawnmower entirely depends upon the type of grass you have in your backyard.

The purpose of lawnmower is to adjust the height of grass for a better appearance and growth. The severed plants would recover fast in the right conditions and grow stronger. But for that to work, the rotating blades of the mower should be sharp enough. In the case of dull blades, the cutting edges won't be able to cut cleanly, leaving fatal injuries to grass.

We would recommend you to purchase reel mower instead of the conventional rotatory ones as they cut the grass in scissors-like mowing rather than traditionally ripping them apart.
7) Use Mycorrhizal Root Builder

After attaching themselves to the roots of plants, these fungi help them absorb water and nutrients more efficiently than ever. You can use it to increase the health of the turf, causing greener grass.

Leaving your lawn unchecked would kill the turf. If you want to see lush green grass all around your backyard, then you'd have to aerate, power rake, water smartly and use many fertilizers. Follow the tips above, and you would witness the difference in the next spring.

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How to Find A Good Landscaping Company?

How to Find A Good Landscaping Company?

Overgrown grass, disorganized flora, and cluttered bushes can wreck the appearance of your lawn. Taking care of it all by yourself isn’t as simple and easy as it sounds. It would require a good deal of energy and time to transform the ordinary and messy looks. But we have a better solution for your guys, which is hiring a landscaping company. With their expertise, they can revolutionize the appearance of your lawn and increase the value of your property.

Hiring a landscaping firm is equivalent to finding a needle in a haystack, as good companies are pretty rare to find. You need good hands to take care of your lawn. Therefore, we have enlisted some useful tips to help you find a good landscaping company to make your property more appealing.
Tips for finding a good landscaping company
1) Do your research

Collect information regarding your local contractors and compare their services with each other. Be always aware of the landscapers that settle for a low price, as they are usually the most inexperienced firms in the industry.

Look for firms that have enough experience in the field and understand the value and safety of your property. You can get help from the company's review sections, social media presence, website profiles, etc. Make a list of the worthiest companies, and through comparative analysis, pick the one that suits your needs.
2) Know what you look for

The biggest mistake people do is that they start looking for companies without knowing what they actually want. There are countless things that you can change or add to the design of your property. Therefore, you must have a clear picture of what you actually want to do with your lawn. Once your wish list is complete, then you can compare that to the services provided by the landscapers.
3) Ask around

If you couldn't find the review section of that company, then you must ask around about its current reputation in the industry before making your final decision. Some contractors hide their online review section to conceal their unsuccessful past. We would suggest you reach out to the company's past clients to find out more about them. In the case of bad reviews, find out the reason behind the experience, and make your decision accordingly. If you have encountered enough bad reviews, then it is a clear indication of a scammer.
4) Keep your options vivid

There’s a difference between lawn care companies and landscaping companies. People often confuse these terms and end up in a dilemma. Keep your options open and include them in your research.
5) Look for good personality traits

The contractor can have all the skills to perform the task successfully, but if he cannot communicate with you well, then the results cannot be trusted. The probability of your lawn getting ruined will increase substantially. Here are a few personality traits you must look for:

Workplace patience.

Understanding of your ideas.

Good communication skills.

Willing to work with your creative ideas.

6) Insist on seeing insurance

Most people overlook the fact that even lawn care and landscaping companies can damage your lawn during the process. Incapable contractors can leave the ground uneven, mess up the turf, damage the decorations present in your lawn, or can murder your precious plants. It would wreck not only your lawn but also reduces the overall value of your property.
Every landscaping company you hire must be insured. Their policies should include the repayment of all the damage your property has sustained. If a company is hesitant to show the insurance policy, then it is a clear red flag. Get away from that contractor as soon as possible.
7) Inquire about the company’s specialties

Every reliable company offers some special treatment and package deals along with their main contract. Inquire about these specialties and make your decision accordingly. Some firms provide complimentary work as well, such as planting a tree that has been removed during the landscaping process. While some others have special offers such as emergency tree removal but it will cost you a fortune.
8) Check the company’s experience
The longer the company has been serving the landscaping industry, the higher will be its reliability. So, it must have years of experience in the field with positive reviews and a high success rate. One way to check the longevity of the company is to investigate its online presence. If you can't find it, then it's another red flag.

The contractor with years of years will have an insight into the industry along with unrivaled expertise. Therefore, it would be more reliable. Before you pick your final candidate, just make sure that he has what it takes to upgrade your lawn.
9) Ask about the timeline
Before you hire the contractor, ask how long it usually takes to complete the task. The timeline shouldn’t be too long nor too short. You should take in all factors such as weather, workload, man force into consideration. Check the company’s record to see if it has been completing its task within the deadline or not. In case of work delays, move on to the next contractor.

One more thing that you should always keep in mind is that the company that is within the proximity of your town or city will be able to work more efficiently.
10) Affordability

Some companies take the benefits of your lack of knowledge and try to overcharge. A good and reputable firm will always have fixed and reasonable prices to cover up a single project. One more thing, beware of the hidden charges and ask your contractor about them beforehand.

For the success of your project, choosing the right and reliable landscaping company is imperative. The one who knows how to put up creative ideas to transform the dull-looking and messy property into a captivating scenery. By following the tips above, you would definitely be successful in finding the landscaper of your dreams.